Erhliss is a large continent on the eastern hemisphere of Serlon, south of the Ring. It is here where most of the civilizations where created, the power of Vorago was discovered but it is also the area that is the most devastated by the Tearing.


Since the Tearing Erhliss is usually divided into areas and named after the Voragos that appeared.

The Tremors

The Tremors are a relatively small area, located between the Stonescar Vorago and the eastern shore of the Aherin Ocean. While the Vorago itself is very dangerous, tranforming even the ground itself and corrupting elementals, the main problems in this region stem from a brutal three-way war between dwarves, orcs and reptilions.

Notable cities
  • Janaro – known as the City of Statues, a wealthy but corrupt town located north of the Stonescar and an important transit point.
Areas and Nations

The Deathlands

The Deathlands are an area in the southernmost part of the continent, surrounding a Vorago known as the Death Shroud or, more generally, between the Border Wall Mountains, True Wild, White Bridge and the Hynyran Sea. It is a vicious, almost barbaric region, where small settlements of humanity and other Young Races stand as islands in a sea of monsters. As the name of suggest, necromancy is prevalent in the Deathlands, but not all of the necromancers here are evil – with the necrocracy of Cannaran being one of the safest places in the South.

Notable cities
  • Aristion – the capital of Aristar.
  • Helgir – the capital of Skyria.
  • Navalac – the capital of South Teneren.
  • Tar Masgar – the former capital of the Harethi Plains, now almost a ghost town.
Areas and Nations
  • Aristar – a nation on the borders of lands infested by undead and ruled by warlords, facing threats from not one but two Voragos, the capital of which, held by a order of knights, thrice had resisted the invasions of necromancers from the South.
  • Cannaran – a silent country, ruled by a council of spirits and necromancers, who above everything desire peace and quiet.
  • The Ice Fangs – a stretch of coastline, protected by ice-covered rocks. The ancient Sarkath live here, though at the moment the area is under Skyrian occupation.
  • The Harethi Plains – a long piece of land where the “undesirables” of the Kirigan Empire where exiled – mainly orcs, ogres, gnolls and the Batheri Clans. Now this area, full of warring chieftains serves as a buffer protecting Aristar and the rest of Ehrliss from Skyrian invasions.
  • Skyria – an island nation of bandits, raiders and warlords, ruled by necromancers and their powerful Lich Lords.
  • Teneren – a region infested by werewolves, haunted by ghosts, a battleground of undead and monsters with the former capital ruled by a dragon. The only salvation for the people seems to be a cult worshipping a mysterious being known only as the Sentinel.
Places of interest
  • City of Catacombs – an old city, transformed into a giant necropolis following a plague. A small outpost of various necromancers, grave robbers and outlaws was raised next to it.

The True Wild

The True Wild is a wild, uncivilized region influenced by a Vorago known as the Heart of the Wild. It is ruled by magical monsters, wild beasts and lycanthropes, with only few settlements of Young Races or organized communities.

Areas and Nations
  • The Forest of Bloody Leaves – Called by the elves Tae’savethu and formerly known as the Forest of Golden Leaves. This vast forest on the border of the Deathlands and the True Wild is where Elves of Spring tried to create a nation for themselves, only to have it invaded by monsters from a Vorago known as the Heart of the Wild.
  • White Bridge – a piece of land connecting Erhliss to the frozen continent of Fanedris. Those of Batheri Clans that did not accept the offer of settling in Harethi Plains settled this area and live mainly from raids.
  • The Taevir Forest – A great forest that forms a natural western border of this part of Erhliss. Always a dangerous place, now it is primarly inhibited by lycanthropes and other monsters.


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