Dwarven Clans

Arcane organizations

  • The Blood Scroll – a cabal of dark mages using their art to create a powerful crime syndicate.
  • Imperial Demonologists – a powerful group of wizards studying demonic lore to better combat the demons, wields great influence in Narathir.
  • Legacy of Wyrms – a scholarly group among reptilions, trying to get power to restore their empire by raising undead dragons.
  • Lich Lords – a council of liches that rule the island nation of Skyria.
  • Nesherii – not a united faction but a group of necromancers and mages dealing with death, fighting for the control of the City of Catacombs but also keeping other factions from taking it.
  • The Workshop – an arcane organization dedicated to studying The Tools.

Religions, sects and cults

Various factions


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