Lich Lords

The Lich Lords are a council of five liches that rule the island nation of Skyria. The history of their rule goes in cycles – at first the ruled openly, with an iron hand. After the first major defeats, the ones that survived were forced into hiding, guiding the policies of Skyria from the shadows. Now, since the Second Tearing and the creation of the Death Shroud they have revealed their presence again, biding time and preparing to launch a full Skyrian invasion and to resurrect their master.

Apart from the plans to resurrect the Black King, the Lich Lords want to conquer and harness the power of the Death Shroud and take control of the City of Catacombs and then take the entirety of Erhliss. Of course that leads to a conflict with the the Nesherii, the Wardens of the Silent Tomb and nations of Aristar and Cannaran.

While the Lich Lords usually agree about most of their plans, they still differ in the views how to rule Skyria and keep plotting against each other to increase their prestige and power. As of yet these plots have not turned into a major conflicts but that may be a matter of time.

The current Lich Lords are:

  • Averax the Shattered Skull – an ancient goblin lich, said to be one of the first disciples of the Black King. Supposed to know the ways of restoring the Black King to power but is said to keep them for himself.
  • Kaehlar – a human lich, once a wizard from the Workshop, still obsessed with gathering the Tools.
  • Kuar Nahn – not a lich but a death knight and a Skyrian warlord that serves as the Supreme Bone General of the undead armies.
  • Naava – a relatively young elf lich, said to be one of the few beings that know the fate of Nimyere.
  • The Shadow – a spirit or mere presence of an ancient lich living in the Death Shroud.

The former Lich Lords are:

Lich Lords

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