The Nesherii are not a united faction – this name is used to describe a number of powerful mages and necromancers that strive to control the City of Catacombs. While their main goal is the same – to protect the city from any outside interference and to use it to further their objectives, their means or even motivations could not be more different. The Nesherii mages mercilessly fight with each other, using the corpses from the city to create armies of undead. They only unite in two cases: firstly, in short-lived alliances formed each time one of them becomes too strong, secondly – if there is a need to combine power to protect the City of Catacombs from any outside factions – such as the grave robbers from the Skull Gate or their main enemies, the Lich Lords.

The balance of power between the Nesherii does not change much, as each time one of the wizards grows too powerful, the others unite – long enough for them to deal a powerful blow to their opponent, but usually such alliances fall apart before he can be destroyed. Due to the decades of conflict, the Nesherii have developed a healthy amount of respect to each other and even if there was a chance to destroy one of them it probably wouldn’t be taken – not only because of this respect but due to the fear that some other faction will try to fill the void in the power structure.

All of the Nesherii, even those who aren’t ‘mere’ necromancers and achieved power by other means, use various mindless undead – skeletons, zombies etc. as the foot soldiers in their endless struggle for the control of the key areas of the city. The enormous number of corpses in the City of Catacombs makes it almost impossible to run out of ‘recruits’.

The following individuals are listed among the Nesherii:
Davarn Seghloss – a necromancer who is curiously opposed to intelligent undead and is a great supporter of the Wardens of the Silent Tomb.
The Bone Prophet – a powerful individual who uses dark magic to wrestle secrets from the dead.
Ramin Ta’hass – reptilion lich exiled even from the Legacy of Wyrms, trying to create a perfect undead creature.
Sandov IV – sometimes not counted among Nesherii as he is just a receptacle for the essence of the Shadow.


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